Like Adventure Time? Is Princess Bubblegum your favorite? Want to be the envy of all your friends with a awesome handmade ensemble?  You’re in luck because I have all the knowledge you need to be the bell of the ball.
The most recognizable feature about PB is PINK! In order for people to get who you are, you need the long pink hair and bubble gum pink dress. After you manage to find these two items, things just start to fall into place.  I bought my wig on eBay, it came from China so, it took about a month to get here. Personally, I think it was totally worth the wait because It cost under 20 bucks and was fabulous. Planning out your costume, and giving yourself time prior to Halloween is key to the most successful costume.

Next came the dress. After some searching I found the perfect dress at a local thrift store. It ended up being a little small and had a high neckline, but with some handy dandy scissors and my sewing machine I was able to make it work. I made a rounded neckline, cut out the zipper and added a sheer piece of pink fabric to the back to give myself some extra room. Next, I used purple fabric to fashion a Peter Pan collar and bought purple ribbon for the sash. Without those two key pieces you would just look like a pink loving weirdo. No one wants that.

Truthfully I had never made a collar before but I was able to find instructions online through Google. Google knows all. Making the collar was one thing, sewing it into the dress was a total different story. It took a little bit of trial and error but I eventually got it right. If you’re not gifted in the sewing department you could easily cut a collar from felt and slap it on there, but of course I love to make myself crazy.

My favorite part about the costume was making my crown. I had to get real creative to achieve the look I wanted. I wasn’t going to spend all that time on the dress and then throw on a paper crown. I took a trip to Home Depot, yes I said Home Depot, and wandered down all the aisles. (My boyfriend loves when I do this). After getting distracted by the magic that is the depot,  I found something flexible but stable enough to hold the iconic shape of PB’s crown. It happened to be plastic baseboard molding, go figure. Anyway, I sketched out the design on graph paper and then used it as a tepmplate. (Remember to measure around your head for correct fit) Once it was traced onto the molding I cut it out. I then applied gold contact paper and trimmed around the edges. The next step was gluing on the blue gem and applying a piece of Velcro to the arms of the crown so I could adjust the tightness.
Put all of these items together with a splash of make up and your set! All you need now is a willing participant to dress as Fin. Good Luck!