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Simple DIY Oogie Boogie Costume for Any Age

This costume is going to be the easiest thing you can make for Halloween and may wear years to come.


  • Tons of burlap (you can buy it at home depo)
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Black marker
  • Black Yarn
  • Light Brown thread
  • Yarn Needle
  • Black Material
  • Pipe cleaner or wire
  • Glue gun

You want to start making your costume by taking some measurements of the subject you are going to be putting it on. Make sure it is larger than your subject like a baggy shirt. You can even have them lie out on the fabric and trace them just not the legs we want it like a potato sack (this is only for the body). Make sure the hands are round Oogie Boogie has no fingers.

After tracing them cut out the sketch, since burlap is very see thought its best that you double up so you can’t see the person underneath.  Sew up everything make sure you have it on the right side you want because you will have to turn it inside out afterwards.

Get a big length of black yarn and fold it in half and then thread it thought the needle. Begin sewing like normal making sure to sew around all the edges make sure to leaving the neck line open and leave holes on the bottom so you can stick your feet thought. After your done turn it inside out and you have a beautiful body if it doesn’t stay up very well try putting yarn along the neck line from the back to the front so it pull it up more like a drawstring.

Now for the head you want to make a giant square I went 1 meter by 1 meter, which I also doubled on each side.  I started with the face using the pipe cleaners wrapped in fabric to shape the mouth and the eye brows. Rounding the pieces in the right size and centering it in the face I sewed them in the middle. The mouth with black yarn and the eyebrows with the thread with both just go around in the pipe cleaner making sure it stays.

Afterwards I used a glue gun to glue the fabric into the mouth and coloured the eye socket black with marker you need to be able to see. Then about 10 cm down from the mouth on each side mark a spot where you should start sewing the head together. As you start on one side remember that his head is like a Santa hat just take it in as you go along you don’t have to have the head inside out it’s totally up to you.

When you get to the top in the middle come back down doing the same thing ending at the point you labeled before and you are done.

If you want the head to perk up just throw a bag of stuffing or a light shirt or maybe even a hat it’s all up to you. Put it all on and you’re ready for Halloween.

I had little troubles on each part but once I got the whole thing on I couldn’t help but laugh at the faces I could make. Everyone seemed to love it and I got the “where did you buy it?” question. Some kids seemed to be scared and others thought it was cool but I loved how it turned out and no question about it, it is spot on.

Simple DIY Oogie Boogie Costume for Any Age

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