This Sexy Mrs. and Mr. Incredible couple costume was one of my favorite couples costumes I have come up with yet! Me and my boyfriend wanted something original and cute that no one else would come up with at our Halloween party, and it was a smash hit!

Mrs. Incredible materials:

red bandu or tank top, black biker shorts, red tights, black boots and gloves.

Mr. Incredible materials:

long red sleeve, red tights, black speedo (or even women’s underwear), black socks and black shoes, foam or fluff and string for his muscles.

In order to make the emblem I bought two 8’11” pieces of each color (red, yellow, orange, black) in felt. From there I carefully traced two sets of the emblem and hot glued them on to the tops.

For Mr. Incredible’s muscles (not pictured), I bought a shirt that was one size too big in order to have some extra room in the arms. You can use foam or fluff but before putting the shirt on I shaped and sculpted the foam and tied the rest down on either side of his bicep. Then carefully slip the shirt on and poof! Mr. Incredible size muscles.

This costume was such a hit for us as adults and could even be used for a kids costume!