As a piscis, I’m a person who dreams a lot since I was a little girl I was intrigue by under the sea creatures and I was curious all the time about mermaids,if they were real or no. I love the sea!!! Every time I go to rivers,lakes or beach I just don’t get out of the water until I go home or to eat, besides that for anything! Because of that my friends say I’m a fish, a shark, a mermaid etc,  So I decide to be one for Halloween, I look every website and  I didn’t like any of the costume they have, that’s when I decide to make my own. I start everything from 0. I order the seashells on ebay, the person got confuse and send me someone else items, I have to wait another week to get them, when I finally got them I paint them in two differents shades, i didn’t like the way they look on pictures at night, after I put beads on them i have to remove them all then wash them and paint them again like three time maybe more, the bra wasn’t a big problem after that I paint them just one shade and I love the overall put all my beads on, glue them to my bra and voila!… moving to the skirt, my sewing machine broke so I have to find someone to make me a pencil skirt and I did, she’s my coworker she did it for free, she give me the skirt on wed day before halloween, since my party wasn’t until Friday I wasn’t worry, but when I try the skirt on it was HUGE! Her mom was sick so she couldn’t fix it, another coworker offer to fix it, when she saw me almost crying. (Yeah that’s how much this means for me) I was desperate so I say yes, she took it home and in the morning of halloween I went to pick it up, it fit me :), I got home and I try it on again I decide I need it to be a little bit tighter so with no time I take a few more inches in by hand, I work on halloween so I get off at 9:30pm. call my cousin and tell him all my story with the skirt and that I was worry because I did everything by hand that The skirt will ripe on me, so he Say i have a sewing machine come tonight after work i will go Over what you did, so i did. friday morning comes i was ready to start to put the tail togheter,since I have no sewing machine I have to sew everything by hand. i did one layer of Tull by hand horrible! Then I cut my organza into big squares and start to pin them on the skirt that way i was able to move them around,when everything was on place, I sew them on the skirt, and that was done, I decide to make two littles fin to put on the sides of the skirt on the waist and when that was ready my tail was FINALLY DONE!! it sounds quick and easy but it took me the whole day pretty much, but the overall was amazing I when out and people on the street stop me to take pictures with me, comments and likes on my social pages were insane! But besides all that I can say that I have way to much fun making this costume even with all my struggles and begin the first time ever that I make a costume, see the final result was amazing! I was so happy that i could just live in that costume for ever and ever, a make  the little girl inside me happy by make my dream come true, and that’s what matter, is all about happiness :D