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Scary Pregnant Costume

This is my favorite costume of all the costumes I’ve ever had, it’s a Scary pregnant costume.

  1. Be pregnant! The bigger the better
  2. Get an old shirt and a baby doll
  3. Rip the baby’s head and one arm off
  4. Determine your placement and rip a hole in the shirt
  5. Attach the doll parts to your stomach using any means necessary. (I used spirit gum and double sided foam tape)
  6. Add some gore! (fake blood)
  7. Have fun! Go to arby’s cause your having crazy cravings for some curly fries and freak out the staff

I was due in December 2006 so I was pretty big. I went trick or treating around the neighborhood on base and got some interesting looks, scared some kids, and got some compliments. Then I really did go to arby’s like that and it was funny cause an employee was exiting and held the door for me. She didn’t notice the bloody belly and a few minutes later came back inside and ended up taking our order. When she saw finally noticed it was hilarious! She gasped and stepped back and then came closer to check it out.

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