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Ridgeway Dog Catching Company Family Costume!

It’s been almost a year since we adopted (and almost immediately lost) our first dog. Kleo squirmed out of her harness a whole six hours after we picked her up and went on a 48-hour adventure covering over 9km on her journey. The outcome was looking bleak, but after endless searching, we finally got a call from a gentleman that spotted her and we were able to get her back just before the weather took a turn for the worse. After staying a while, I think she’s figured out it’s not so bad here after all!

The kids dog costumes are purchases, however Mom & Dad’s Dog Catcher costumes are home made as is the custom Dog Catcher truck, built on top of our wagon. The ‘Lost Dog’ poster is one of the actual posters we used when she was missing and the truck even has working lights powered by a 12V battery :)

(Oh, to answer the question… it was me – I let the dog out…)

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