This was a last minute costume we made that ended up being one of my favorite costumes we’ve done. My husband and I had dressed up for Halloween for years but weren’t planning to the year we made this costume. The day before Halloween, we decided we had to do something, and we wanted it to be scary. We had recently seen the movie “The Strangers” and found one of the simple masks terrifying, so while we weren’t trying to mimic the movie exactly, credit for the mask idea definitely goes to that movie.

The masks were going to be the focus of the costume, so we ran to a fabric store that day and picked out a suitable fabric. We chose something thick so it would hold its shape a bit and not conform to our heads too much. I simply cut out a long rectangle and two side panels for each of us. We wanted them to look rough and handmade so I quickly stitched them together by hand and chopped off any excess to make the bottoms even but still frayed. Then we cut and tore holes just big enough to see through.

I painted bright red lips and eyelashes on mine and my husband spray painted a simple smile on his. Other than the fabric, all we had to buy was the dress. I just wanted a simple dress so we bought that at a resale shop. The rest of the clothes were things we had on hand that we thought worked with the masks. We both wore boots as that just seemed to add to the look we were going for. Between the fabric and the dress, we spent under $10 for both costumes.

We got the reaction we were looking for with this costume. Everyone said it was very creepy. Part of the night, while his little brother handed out candy, we stood behind him in the entryway and tons of people at the door either jumped when they noticed us or commented on how much they liked the costumes.