My daughter loves Avatar, and I of course have no clue about it, but she made me make a costume of the “fire bender” princess Azula?!?! I don’t use patterns, I just used online stills to see what I had to do to make this.

The pants are store-bought velour pajama pants, because I don’t make the best pants and they only cost $8 anyway. The boots are also store bought flat knee boots.

The “dress” is made of stretch velour in black with an overlay of fabric that looked like hammered metal from the costume fabrics section.  The dress zips in the back.  The sleeves are red cotton and are attached.  The dress and the overlay are trimmed with red bias tape.  The shoulder armor is also attached to the dress.  It is made by sandwiching quilt batting between 2 pieces of the “metal” fabric to give it support.

The collar is a separate piece, also the metal fabric with thick batting for support.  It is trimmed in gold and the red collar part is the same cotton as the sleeves so it looks like its attached…. but its not.  It closes in front with hidden hook/eyes.

The belt is made of a stretchy knit in gold, Velcro’s in the back, and the medallion was made by using a cheap pin and layering craft foam of different colors.  The gold piece has the pin going through it, and then the black and the red are layered over the pin with hot glue to hide the pin inside.

The hair piece is just a cut out of the gold foam stuck into an elastic that hold the bun.

The arm bands are just stretchy knit sewn into tube shapes.

It was fairly costly at about $60 for the materials and 2 nights of work, but Azula is not a commercially available costume so it has to be custom made.  She would be nothing else this year!