My Muppets Homemade Group Costume

As my kids got older I started to get more creative with the costumes. I always try to make their costumes go together. Me and my family are really big Jim Henson fans .Choosing who was going to be which character wasn’t hard either. They all match the personality as well. My oldest daughter is wild and crazy like Animal, my youngest daughter is such a Diva, like Miss Piggy, the baby of the family is quiet and shy just like Kermit and my oldest son is a bit strange like Gonzo. It was all a perfect fit for them.

For Animal I used a bike helmet to build the head on. To make the mask I used cotton, foam, a feather boa, ostrich feathers, and Styrofoam balls shaped as eggs for his eyes. Fleece paint and sandwich bags to make then shine, glitter foam sheets and a dog collar, plastic Halloween decor chain, hot glue sticks, clothes from the second hand store, 5 hours to make.

For Miss Piggy:

A hard hat, cotton, foam for the nose, faux fur, feathers for eye lashes, faux leather and paint for the eyes, hot glue sticks to stick it all together, a wig and dress from the second hand store . 3 hours to make

For Kermit:

An adult bike helmet turned around, I placed green fleece over it, added two Styrofoam balls shaped like eggs, painted the black part with acrylic paint, sewed fleece on sleeves, cardboard and faux green fur for feet covers . 2 hours to make

For Gonzo:

A bike helmet, cotton, foam , fleece, faux fur, one blue ostrich feather, Styrofoam balls for the eyes, paint, sandwich bags to make the eyes shine, hot glue sticks, clothes from the second hand store . 5 hours to make

We went to a neighborhood fall festival, on the the flyer it said ” special guests” as we were signing up for the contest all these kids and parents came up to my kids thinking they were the special guests, asked if they could take pictures. They were so happy the had everyone’s heads turned. We live in Tucson, Arizona so it was very hot even in October but they kept them on to take pictures with every one. Kermit was the only winner that day. My kids were so happy for him and thanked me for making them such great costumes.

My Muppets Homemade Group Costume

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