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Mommy and Me Babywearing Costume: The Baker and her Cupcake

I love babywearing! My seven month-old daughter, Ellie, loves being close to mommy and feeling secure while exploring new things so it was only natural to create a Mommy and me babywearing costume: the Backer and her Cupcake.

I also LOVE baking! I always bake for everyone in my family for birthdays and holidays and I am known for making yummy cupcakes.

I decided I wanted to make my daughter an adorable cupcake so I started with my favorite baby carrier, sewed a cover for it and then found ruffled pink fabric for the “frosting.” I wanted to find beads that looked like sugary sprinkles and I found these frosted multicolored beads that were perfect! I hand sewed each one on to look like realist sprinkles dropped on a cupcake and stuffed the carrier and baby hat with fluff to give it a perfect shape.

The cupcake liner is silver metallic fabric spray adhered to poster board so I could accordion fold it to give it the cupcake liner look. I was a little worried she wouldn’t want to keep her cupcake hat on so I put the strap around the back part of her head since she is used to wearing headbands and she did not mind it at all.

To create my bakers costume all I had to do is find a chef’s hat and then luckily I had this adorable cupcake apron that matched the costume perfectly.

I was surprised how many people responded to our costume when we went to a local fall festival- I had many strangers come up and ask to take our picture and we won one of the prizes for cutest costume! I am so happy that I was able to combine the things that I love the most: crafting, baking and wearing my baby all to create the sweetest cupcake I have ever made!

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