Mini Link from Zelda DIY Costume

My son is a huge Zelda video game fan, so when he wanted to go as Link from the game I couldn’t say no!  I am not a seamstress so we got some help from his Aunt to make some of the items for this mini Link from Zelda DIY costume.

We started off by getting a pair of cream colored long underwear for the pants/leggings and undershirt.  For the over shirt/tunic we purchased a men’s small green t-shirt, long enough to cover his butt.  We purchased a second one to make his hat.  For the hat we cut out a large circle and sewed it together with a piece of elastic at the bottom (in order for it to stay on his head).

The sash, belt and gloves are all out of brown felt fabric.  The belt we measured it long enough to fit around his waist and be finished off with a gold buckle.  The sash, we did the same thing, it was measured long enough to fit over his shoulder and then pinned at the side.  Both were trimmed and sewn to keep the edges from fraying.

The gloves were a little more difficult.  Because his hands were so small we had to mess with the finger holes a bit.  We started out by tracing his hands on the fabric and cutting the pattern out.  We turned them inside out and sewed the edges together. Once it was turned right side out we trimmed the fingers and length to make sure they fit him properly.

He needed a pair of boots, but because we couldn’t find anything in his size, we had him wear a pair of dress shoes with boot covers we found at a party store.  The elf ears were also purchased at a party store and we used makeup glue to stick them on.  He already had the sword and he carried a shield around as well.

He also wore this mini Link from Zelda DIY costume to our local Comic Con and everyone there stopped to take pictures of him and with him.  He was the hit of the event!

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