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LIttle Miss Auto Mechanic Costume

Meet my “Big Helper”. Recently ,I was having a battery problem with my car and I had my big helper with me when I got he idea of making a Little Mechanic costume for her.

I had made an overall for her for another costume I was working on ,but I thought I could use it for both . After making the overall from grey fabric I sprayed it with black temporary hair color ( the kind they sell for Halloween). THis gives the oevrall a dirty look without having to really make it dirty.

She is wearing a baseball cap backwards and I stuffed a red bandana in her pocket for color. The only colorful tool I had was a screw driver.Since this picture was taken, I have found some plastic child size toys to add to the costume for safety.  Luckily the thrift store had work shoes in her size.

Making the overall was a lot of work , but the same look coild be achieved with a grey shirt and cargo pants.

I believe in teaching children young that they are capable of anything whether male or female. I am planning on making somemore costumes depicting capable kIds!

LIttle Miss Auto Mechanic  Costume

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