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Awesome DIY Sackboy from Little Big Planet Costume

I love my nephews so when Benjamin told me that he wanted to be Sackboy from the Little Big Planet video game, I decided to try my hand at costume making. I’ve never tried making clothes or crafts, I always left that to my sister Jackie. But my nephew asked so I had to try and make this Little Big Planet costume.

Making Sackboy

First I researched how mascot costumes where made to get an idea of what to use. I used a laundry basket for the head, then covered it and shaped it  with a foam roll. Then, I installed four laptop fans in the head to help keep him cool, powered by a battery pack.

Also, I decided to use the mouth opening so he see thru a black screen mesh. I put magnets under the tongue so he could eat and drink without having to take the head off. And I used a brown quilt type a fabric to try to match the pattern I saw that Sony used on their version of Sackboy.

I got soft rope for the stitching on the head and body. Then I got some foam and made the big Zipper in the front. And I covered it with a gray spandex type fabric and used spray glue to attach it. The eyes I made from plastic I had lying around. Which I then painted black.

It took me a week to make but most of the time was spent looking for what materials to use. But when he went Trick or Treating so many people were asking to take pictures with him and asking where he bought the costume. Even a group that makes calendars for The city of Redlands, asked if they could put him in their calendar. That’s what my sisters and nephews told me. Unfortunately I had to work so I  wasn’t able to go with them. But the smile on his face filled my heart with joy and happiness. I was so happy that I was able to make him feel like the hero in his Video Game.

Reactions to the Little Big Planet Costume

Even though he may not know it he’s my hero. He and my other nephews make me want to be a better person. And also be someone they can come to knowing I will do all I can, if there’s something they need.

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