My son’s favorite video game is Little Big Planet so he decided he wanted to be Sackboy for Halloween. There are NO commercial Sackboy costumes on the market so mama had to step up and make him a costume! I bought some cheap jersey fabric at the craft store and made a quick little jumpsuit copying the pattern of an old costume.

The suit had the regular slit in the back and closed with Velcro fasteners. I used plastic banding I found tossed aside at the local hardware store to make a frame for the head. It had to be tubish and big. I covered the whole thing with an old tshirt to give it some stability. The frame was made to rest on his shoulders. Then I covered the head in the same brown jersey and cut out the mouth to serve as a way for him to see. Sackboy has stitching around the seams so I used a lighter colored yarn to make the stitches. Felt made the eyes and mouth. I used stiff felt to make the zipper and glued it on. Some little mittens finished off the costume and it was a hit! Some of the older people didn’t know who he was but younger people did and loved it!

It was easy and very affordable to make. Most importantly, my son got the costume he really wanted.