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Coolest Listerine Man and Toothbrush Couple Costume

We had the best time making the Listerine Man and Toothbrush couple costume! It was pretty easy too, it just took some patience when spray painting and painting the boxes. For the toothbrush we just bought a Wall mart yellow fisherman’s suit then spray painted a small box yellow and punctured the box a bunch of times so that a bunch of rolled up pieces of paper would fit in as the bristles.

All I needed for my Listerine man costume was a larger box, blue spray paint, white and black paint and a black lamp shade. It turned out well though and we won best prize for our costume that night at a party! We were also best friends at the time and now we’re engaged! Partner and team costumes are the best! *caution #1- if you are Listerine Man, look out for small doors, its hard to fit through those things. #2- making costumes with a best friend may or may not lead to falling in love and getting married*!

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