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Coolest Homemade Listerine Action Hero Halloween Costume

I absolutely love Halloween and make a costume every year. One of my favorite costumes ever was going out as a Homemade Listerine Action Hero Halloween Costume.

I bought a bottle of Listerine to base the costume from. I drew the label on a piece of Bristol board outlining it in black marker and painted in the details. I made a base out of Bristol board and packing tape to shape it around my shoulders so that the costume would fall properly. I cut a hole through for my head.

Then I draped a white plastic sheet over the Bristol board yoke and taped it over the shoulder piece using clear packing tape. Next step was to cut blue plastic recycling bags and cover the base completely by taping them on. Then I cut armholes and made a straight hem across the bottom. The body of the costume was completed by taping the label unto it.

For the “cap” I purchased a black lampshade and wired it to a thick black headband.

Had a lot of fun in this costume! Perfect for a cold Canadian Halloween outing!

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