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Intricate Evil Queen from Snow White Costume

I have to be a little insane to do this every year. Few realize the work and $$$ that goes into it. I’ve added some pics of my kitchen table as proof.

The costume top to bottom is completely handmade. The dress was a bitch. Every year I threaten to quit because I’m so frustrated and my husband talks me down.

I got a pattern this year. Searched for hours for the right fabric and made 3 trips to JoAnns and 2 to Michael’s. I found the red lining as a table cloth at good will. The gold trim was the absolute worst. I shopped for the perfect broach.

The collar was a challenge. I had to figure a way to make it sit up. I got the heaviest interfacing and shaped and cut and trimmed and added boning and wire. And I attached it to a posture brace then covered it in white fabric. The crown is made out of metal and plastic buckets, hot glue, gold paint and a pearl detail.

You should have seen me trying PVC, duct work and the buckets on my head in Lowe’s to figure out what fits. The box was fun. Picked up from Michael’s and painted to replicate. I took off the clasp. Used air model clay to make the heart emblem on the front.

The dagger is half of a tweezer and topped with blue gems. I have a molded silicone heart inside of the box. I put a candle inside to have it glow. The evil Queen isn’t as flashy as some of my others but took an incredible amount of effort. And I’m pleased.

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