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Homemade Megazord Costume Made of Boxes and Foam Sheets

My son wanted to be a Power Ranger MegaZord for Halloween and I had no idea where to begin.  No one sells this costume and there were only a couple of ideas online- for adults.  These were made of boxes and allowed limited movement, a problem for a seven-year-old.  I decided to use foam sheets and only a few boxes.

In order to make the arm band fit I hot glued a band made out of foam inside which hugged his arm.  The feet were tricky to get on and off.  They were made of shoe boxes and used elastic band under the foot and behind his leg to keep them on.

The chest is made of foam that I hot glued to a shirt.  The shoulders are made of boxes covered with foam.  The helmet is foam. (Several of his classmates wanted to wear it.)

Using the foam made it much easier for him to move.  Its very lightweight and not easily damaged.

It turned out better than I’d expected and it received many compliments.

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