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Homemade Family Guy Group Halloween Costume

For Halloween we wanted to be something as a group, something easy, and also something that we would not freeze in when we were outside! We decided to go as Family Guy! Everyone we encountered loved our outfits.  Meg and Lois got the most attention for their outfits.  It was great to dress up with our closest friends, be comfortable, and “play the part”.  Not only did members of the group take on the role of picking on Meg but also everyone at the party did also, it was great to have everyone interact with us!


1. Get a white button up, black (or green) pants, and pair of round glasses.

2. Get a fat suit (pillows or other stuffing material will also work)



1.  Wear a green button up shirt, khaki pants, and pink flats

2. Wear a short haired orange wig

3. don’t forget your red lipstick


1. For your outfit you’ll need a pair of blue jeans, a pink shirt (with white sleeves showing underneath), glasses, and a pink beany (our Meg wore a pink stocking cap)

2. pink lipstick is optional


1. Make dog ears out of a t-shirt ( use the collar of the neck as the part to hold them to your head, cut away from t-shirt making sure to leave to “ears”)

2. Wear a red collar

3. For clothes just wear white (a dress, white pants and a a white tshirt, etc.)

4. use black eyeliner to make a nose


1. wear a yellow shirt and red overalls (if you cant find red overalls wear red pants with suspenders)

2. buying a Stewie mask is optional


1. wear a yellow shirt and blue jeans

2. don’t forget your mustache


1. wear a blue shirt with blue jeans

2. make sure to have your blue, round ear rings and red lipstick


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