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Coolest Ever Mortal Kombat Homemade Costume Idea

Hi! Well here’s to another successful Halloween! This whole homemade costume idea started at work when my friend/co-worker and I were talking about whether or not we’d dress up for Halloween and jokingly came to a decision to dress up as Scorpion and Sub-Zero from Mortal Combat.

Well… before the week was over the joke became a reality and I found myself working day and nights (late nights) on our homemade costume idea.

I started off creating our homemade costume idea with the face masks after drawing up some crude sketches which I thought were the most important part of the costumes. I always saw people use a cloth to cover their mouth up and I really wanted to take a different direction. I constructed the face masks out of regular cardboard I had hanging around my room. I layered black foam sheets (foamies brand) carefully and entirely to cover the cardboard up. I used a blade pen to carefully cut out the grills to help with breathing which is invisible due to the extra layers of the colored foam sheets I placed over the masks. This would prevent your mouth from showing through. The designs were specific and random. I didn’t exactly copy anything which I’m proud of but was influenced by some if not all mortal combat series of costume changes in the game.

Mortal Combat Homemade Costume Idea

I made my Scorpion skeletal mask that resembles the one he used in Mortal Combat 4 and for Sub-Zero I used my own design. I also kept the movies in mind. I really wanted these to look legit but not difficult. Same went for the rest of their costumes. It took me one and a half weeks to finish Scorpion and about 4 days to complete Sub-Zero. The first costume took longer because of plenty trial and errors.

The torso and sashes were made completely of foam sheets. I used a glue gun for the bigger pieces and crazy glue for the smaller seams. I made many reinforcements to ensure stability and so it won’t rip or give out if you ran or sat or goofed around in it. Foam sheets aren’t exactly durable but if constructed carefully they can take a good beating.

Mortal Combat Homemade Costume Idea

The black ninja outfits underneath were merely costume material pants and long sleeve turtle neck shirts we had. The head cowls were stealth masks I bought. I cut into shape to help with the face mask. The shin guards were made of cardboard and foam sheets as well much like the face masks actually. The arm guards also foam sheets with elastic bands so you can easily slide them off and on. You’ll notice the skeletal design on Scorpion’s arm guards in contrast to Sub Zero’s arm guards.

The face masks also had elastic bands to hold themselves up on your face without causing any discomfort. The shin guards used these bands as well. My prop Scorpion’s spear was made out of cardboard and silver spray paint later washed out with black to give it that old weathered look. They only last up to 3 years if you take real good care of them. I had to get them to complete the Scorpion look since he’s a dead specter in the game looking to get revenge on Sub Zero for killing his family.

My buddy and I also had actual tabbi ninja boots from last year and used them for these costumes. These weren’t really necessary but worked well anyways. I’m proud to say the costumes we’re well received by the open crowd in Hollywood and took tons of pictures with Mortal Combat fans.

We’re thinking of doing this again next year but with MORE combatants like Reptile Smoke Cyrix and Rayden! …Guess who’s going to make them?

Have fun creating your own homemade costume idea!

Total Spent: $90

Mortal Combat Homemade Costume Idea

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