My brother has a very competitive Halloween Party every year. Each year there is a theme. Last year, I won Best Costume as an Infamous Person. This year, it was Commercial Characters and/or products. For the first time I was entering as a couple. I was so nervous to bring my new boyfriend to the party to meet all of our friends. The pressure was on!

To break the ice and to make sure he would get a lot of attention, I came up with the idea to do the KY Jelly couple.

I created two twin beds with headboards that we could stand in, giving the illusion that we were laying in one bed. Everyone loved it! Pictures ensued like paparazzi when we entered and everyone wanted their picture taken with us.

Then, I took it a step further. An hour later we came downstairs, as if we had just had sex! Hair messed up, lipstick smeared, pajamas open and eating grins on our faces. The after photo is hilarious. We even had a photo taken with “Fabio”, which was so funny.

My boyfriend was such a good sport. My brother is still shaking his head! And yes, we won best group or duo.

The best part, the entire costume cost me less than $50 to make!