My mother is 99 years old, confined to a wheel chair, but yet still filled with life.  Each year a Halloween costume parade is held at the nursing home where she resides. She loves to participate in it, so I try to think of an original idea to use which will also incorporate her wheel chair.

This particular Halloween, I came up with the idea of a ghoulish dinner table design using a pig’s head mask.  We took a washing machine box and cut it in the shape of a table with legs; sprayed it dark brown, and covered it with black mesh netting and a white lace table cloth.  A hole was cut in the center, large enough so her head could easily fit.

We then took a large, clear plastic serving tray, and cut out the middle and glued it around  the hole in the center.  We glued plastic dinnerware, forks/knives/spoons/napkins, and 2 plastic candelabras to the table top.   With her sitting in the wheel chair, we placed the table over her head, placed the pig’s head mask on her … and instantly, we had a pig’s head on a platter ghoulish dinner party.  Needless to say, she won first prize in the costume parade.