I’ve always been an extreme fan of Disney and the theme parks. My favorite character is Beauty and the Beast’s Belle. She is very graceful, delicate and kind which I can relate myself to her. I’ve seen many versions of Belle’s beautiful gold dress in the famous dancing scene however I have not seen the version of Disney’s Hollywood Studios show “Fantasmic.” That gown Disney owns is one of the most expensive to make in the overall theme parks. It’s to a point that I get very emotional every time I see the show and at that very moment when Belle is dancing with her beast in her beautiful sparkling gown. Only later I got tired of just dreaming to have it that I had no choice but to make it.


I researched every picture taken by guest online and studied the measurements by sight only. I first sewed together a ruffle trim skirt for the bottom layer.  I then sketched the teapot design on large drawing paper and traced it on fabric. I then hand placed down all the individual sequence on the fabric and painted the gold on the teapot. I also added glitter tulle fabric to the edges to create that shimmer gold effect.

Sequence Everywhere!

Once the teapot layer was finished, I worked on finding the perfect gold hologram fabric for the famous curtain gathered layer. The gold fabric is no other than hologram twilight spandex to give that sparkle shimmering look. I gathered the fabric to create the curtain effect throughout the skirt. The bright satin yellow trim was added as well as Swarovski rhinestones and brooches. The bodice is made out of the same spandex fabric and the yellow satin was pleaded for the sleeves. Swarovski rhinestones are also added to the sleeve.

My Motivation to Not Give Up

I kept watching the movie, YouTube videos of Fantasmic, listen non-stop to the soundtrack of Beauty and the Beast for motivation. My other motivation was that I was to wear it for the first time at Disney’s Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. I imagined myself walking through Magic Kingdom and having dinner at the Be Our Guest restaurant. Every moment thinking about the event made me continue on to get the dress done.

Dreams Can Come True

The day of the event was the best type of payment from all the recognition I received. I had Cast Member compliment me, managers taking pictures, Disney Characters were amazed and even the children mistaken me as Belle. Now I know I look nothing like Belle. I am Hawaiian, tan and have a button nose but to these children’s eyes I was there favorite princess and that meant everything to me. I felt proud that my hard work paid off that night and I look forward to my next visit to party again but this time dining in the famous ballroom at Be Our Guest restaurant. Creating Belle’s dress was always a dream I wanted since I first watch the show as a child. It is amazing how your dreams can come true as long as you work hard for it.