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Funny Homemade Toddlers and Tiara’s Halloween Costume for a Granny

In June my husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary by renewing our wedding vows in Las Vegas.  Instead of a veil, I wore a simple tiara.  I loved it.  Thinking I would never have the chance to wear it again, I realized that Halloween might be the perfect occasion.  OK, so I had a tiara…but now what?  While making a tutu for my granddaughter’s 6th birthday party…it hit me!  Toddlers & Tiaras!  I could be a baby beauty pageant contestant.

I made my own tutu…with lots and lots of tulle.  I had the tiara and a wig from a past Halloween costume (Taylor Swift), I just needed a sash with a special name.  Since the costume contest was being hosted by my employer, I wanted to incorporate a little something from there as well.  The company I work for is Truck-Lite (a manufacturer of heavy-duty truck and military lighting) so I became…Little Miss Twinkle Lite!    My only goal for this contest was to beat Lynda.  Year after year Lynda has won the contests with her homemade elaborate costumes consisting of the likes of a Geisha Girl to Cruela DeVille and Medusa.  And I did it…I won!  First place is a $100 Walmart gift card and a day off with pay.  That was nice, but more importantly, I beat Lynda.

Funny Homemade Toddlers and Tiara's Halloween Costume for a Granny

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