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Fun Double-Hump Couple Camel Costume

Every year we have a contest at work for best decorated area and/or best costume. It’s a challenge because everyone comes up with great ideas and skits to go along with their costume. This year in early October on a Wednesday the person who delivers mail to our desk strolled by and said, “Good morning”  “It’s Hump Day”. I turned around looked at my partner in crime and said, “Guess what we are  doing for Halloween this year”,  she knew immediately. Great minds think alike.

Now the challenge to make a double hump camel costume. How were we going to build a camel? I immediately ordered a camel mask, now we were committed. Lisa usually does the engineering so got a computer box that was made of heavy cardboard, we opened it up. It was the perfect size. One panel for the neck, one for my head, one for her head and another for the rear end. We cut out holes in the second and third section to put our head through (which were to be the humps) got some batting, felt and began the project.

Everything went well until we had to figure out how to do the humps. It was a struggle. No matter what we tried it just was looking good. So we made another trip to the fabric store and purchased a softer material. Laid it over our camel and Hump Day was ready. No one at the office knew what we were doing. Everyone meets in the lobby and the contest begins. We are on the second floor so squeezed into the elevator and when the door opened to the lobby, we made our appearance. With a swagger like the camel we came off the elevator into the crowd and said, “Ut O – Can anyone tell me what day it is,  Anyone? Gave the camel’s loud laugh and went up to people and addressed them by name “Carol, What day is it”? Every one went wild. Moved out of the way as we swaggered up and down the circle of people. Everyone laughed so hard.

Needless to say we won “First Prize”. It’s so good, our boss said they want us to do it ever Wednesday to put a smile on everyone’s faces.

Fun Double-Hump Couple Camel Costume

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