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Fluffy Homemade Baby Chick Costume for Infant

Baby Jude is nearly 10 months old, and I wasn’t sure if he would be walking by the time Halloween came around.  I also wanted to make him a costume that fit his personality, and settled on a fluffy baby chick.  I started with a sleep sack, and then sewed a lining into it to make it round/shorter and allow room to stuff cotton between his body and the outer layer.

I left the zipper on the front for easy on/off, but closed it off 2/3 of the way down to make a pocket opening for the stuffing which closed with Velcro.  Then gold feather boas were attached with the hot glue gun.  For the hat I started with a half-circle Styrofoam piece from the floral section at the craft store, hollowed it out with a grapefruit spoon, and then glued quilt batting onto the top cut like an eggshell, with yellow feathers sticking out the perimeter.  It was relatively easy to find a long-sleeve onesie with matching gold sleeves, and Jude also had orange leggings with red felt “chicken feet” but they were mostly covered with the sleep sack body.

The best part was seeing him “finger walk” (he can walk if you hold his hands), as it is a tentative, bobbing step, and the costume, stuffed with cotton, wobbled right along with him!  It really did look like a chick hatchling’s tentative first steps, and of course combined with his easy happy personality, is a Halloween memory of a lifetime.

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