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Flock of Flamingos Girl Group Costume

We make our costumes every year, for 2013 we decided to try Flamingos.  This was a really fun costume to make, it was time consuming but fairly inexpensive. We purchased our masks from Hobby Lobby, and then cut glitter foam in pink and black for our beaks, started adding feathers to the mask with hot glue. Our original idea was to feather tank tops but to cut cost we decided to add boa to pink t-shirts. Our tutus were a lot of fun to make. We watched a few YouTube videos on how to make a no sew tutu. We started with ½ inch pink ribbon, we wanted the ability to remove the tutu (to use the restroom) Tulle is very inexpensive and very forgiving. Our tutus were extreme and hind sight 20/20 we would have made them less full. After making the tutu we sewed boa to the waist. With the scraps of boa we added a small strip to the bottoms of our leggings. And poof Pink Flamingos!

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