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Original Big Love Polygamist Family (FLDS) Group Costume

So… being fans of the HBO show, Big Love, we decided that a great group costume would be a polygamist family (Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints). All of the elements of this getup were found at local thrift stores and retailers and then altered to suit the style. My true wife, the one to my immediate left, made baby bumps by sewing pockets for poly fill into camisoles, which they wore underneath their thrift store dresses.

Unfortunately, you can’t see their matching Velcro tennis shoes and white socks, which were purchased at Walmart, but it really tied them all together. My outfit consisted of a hat from a resale shop, a weave belt, a light blue denim shirt, a cheap bolo and a Book of Mormon in my front pocket, The reactions we got at the party were mixed. Some of the party-goers, who we didn’t know, thought they were swilling Jack n Cokes and puffing on cigs while pregnant. It took a while to disseminate the fact that they weren’t actually knocked up.

What also lends to this costume is the fact that my other wives are actually my sister-in-laws, so that enhances the “Sister Wives” aspect! We had fun with it, especially when the DJ decided to drop the bass and we all jammed out.

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