Fast and Easy Toy Story Jessie Costume

My 12 year old niece Cassandra is wearing the costume.

We got a white long sleeve button shirt and painted it with yellow fabric paint.

Then with red puff paint, made red swirls.

On the blue jeans we sewed cow print material as chaps.

For the arm cuffs we got yellow foam squares and cut to shape.

We used velcro strips to fasten around wrist and used red puff paint to make red swirls.

For the large round buttons on the arm cuffs and shirt we used white foam cut to shape and Velcroed on.

I could not find a long hair red wig so I used a blonde wig, braided it and painted red with red fabric spray paint.

We made a belt buckle from a glittery gold foam. We cut out the long horn shape and glued it on, then used Velcro to fasten to belt.

We also made a custom candy bag using an old pair of jeans and the leftover cow print material. we used a small belt to gather the opening.


Fast and Easy Toy Story Jessie Costume

Fast and Easy Toy Story Jessie Costume