My son is in love with combines and insisted on being one for Halloween. This John Deere costume was a fun idea for both of us to do together.

Farm Combine John Deere Costume Instructions

  • We used a diaper box, shoe box and trash bag box for the body.
  • The “unloader” was made with wrapping paper and toilet paper tubes.
  • A piece of felt and yellow pompoms were used to make the corn on the top back storage bin.
  • The front header was created with a baby wipe box and the left over pieces were glued in a circle to make the cutters for the header.
  • I purchased John Deere green paint from Home Depot and used black chalk paint for the header.
  • After the paint was dry everything was hot glued together.
  • Suspenders were used to hold box on my 3 year old.
  • Yellow duct tape was used for the yellow stripe down the sides.
  • Battery push lights from the local dollar store were used for the headlights.