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Awesome DIY Comic-Con Apocalyptic Exo Suit Costume

I built this huge exo suit costume by myself out of scraps and on a tight budget over. The suit is made of card, foam, little bit of wood and lots of glue. Also I made wooden stilts that were difficult to walk in at first. But I’ve perfected them now and can walk a lot better. The suit is heavy on the shoulders after a while but fun to wear.

It took around two months to build and cost very little to make. Comic-con came to my town for the first time. I had never been before so I thought it was a chance to really show the world what I could build with hardly any money.

Reactions to my Exo Suit Costume

I got a lot of attention as you can imagine. Lots of flashes from cameras and lots of photos with people. Some children who posed with me were a little intimidated. Also I was taken the attention away from the cast of “Red dwarf” that were autograph signing. One of the celebrity guests even signed my costume and posed in a picture with me and my suit, I was so chuffed.

It takes about twenty mins to get into but worth it and my costume was so extreme that I got into the papers, on the radio, YouTube and even a TV  production has contacted me about my costume which could lead to bigger and better things. I’m very excited and nervous about appearing on TV. I make a Halloween costumes every year for my own entertainment. But this is the most extreme yet lol.

I have decided to revamp my costume for London’s comic-con and hoping to get a even great response and hope people love my costume even more with the extra effort. I now now have to think up a costume that’s even more extreme for next year – hahaha.

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