Adorably Evil Joker Costume

We bought a medium scrub top to make the nurse dress, printed out a vote for Dent sticker for the uniform, and used makeup and green hairspray.

This costume is easy to do and made him one cool Joker. Our son wanted to be Joker and it went along with his brother’s costumes, his little brother was Batman and his older brother was Robin, so it worked as a group costume idea.

The makeup is also easy to remove with just water. The nurse uniform was hard to find at out local Walmart so we bought a women’s medium scrub top in white to match the dress that Joker wears in the Dark Knight movie when Joker visits Harvey Dent in the hospital instead of being the original Joker he wanted to be creative at the same time as creepy.

He won the local Halloween contest for most unique costume. We tied a purple ribbon around his waist as a belt to tie everything together with the theme of green and purple.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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