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Easy Mario and Luigi Couple Costume for Two Women

We were having a tough time deciding on what to be but knew we wanted to be matching. We found some Mario and Luigi costumes online but they all looked too bland. So we decided to make our own! We got tons of compliments and people wanting photos! In total, the costumes only cost us about $30 each.

How we made them:

Overalls & Top: Bought from Forever21 for $20 and we used a hot glue gun on some yellow buttons found at the craft store. For the tops we each just wore bandeaus that we already had.

Hats: (worn backwards) We had a hard time finding red and green newspaper boy style hats but we did find black leathery ones at the thrift store. We used spray paint which didn’t dry very well and was sticky all night. When it was a dry as it got, we glued on the BACK of the hat white felt circles and the ‘M’ and ‘L’ that we had cut out of red/green felt.

Mustache: We bought fake mustaches and then cut them into the shape of Mario and Luigis. We used fake eyelash glue to hold them on, and they stayed on all night! Just be sure to drink out of a straw, or drinks will absorb into it.

Gloves: We used white gardening gloves and just cut the fingers out.

And that’s it! Very easy and very fun!

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