Easy Evil Purple Minion Costume

This evil purple minion costume is easy to make and requires NO sewing.

This year I wanted to make a Beetle Juice costume as my son had previously been Edward Scissorhands and Chucky (Child’s Play), but he decided he wanted to be an evil minion.

In total I spent around £10 to make this costume. I had a lot of the stuff I needed at home.

Evil Purple Minion Costume Instructions

  • To make this simple costume I used an old fleece blanket, black leggings, a black vest top, a cardboard box, fur material (£7.60), strong tape (0.79), super glue, white net tulle (£2.40), an old belt, and hanging basket fiber.
  • The hardest part for me was shaping the cardboard round and sticking it together. I was lucky that once the fleece was stuck on, the shape was better.
  • Being the first time making this the arm holes were a bit too low so to support the frame I put a harness inside. For that I used an old belt.
  • Next, for the top of head I taped hanging basket fiber on as I wanted all light material.
  • I cut out teeth shape from left over cardboard painted white.
  • The underlip is stuffed with scrap material to make it stick out.
  • Leggings were used for the black strap around eye.
  • A black vest top was slipped over the bottom and glued in place.
  • The logo was painted on.
  • The eye was made with a cylinder box that I cut out the slots in head hole and secured with glue.
  • Before doing that glue the net tulle in place. This stuff is my favorite. It adds color instead of hole. I painted the iris and pupil and my son could still see everything, :)
  • The fur was cut to size and more cardboard was rolled up on top to give the hair shape and secured with glue.

It’s not quite Halloween yet so my son has not worn the costume anywhere yet, but it’s already a big hit with friends and family on Facebook. Hope you like it.

Easy Evil Purple Minion Costume