‘Dowa’ was one of my daughter’s first words.  She was absolutely in love with Dora the Explorer.  So, for her Halloween costume, I decided to dress her up as Boots and I could easily enough grabbed a black wig, put on her backpack, and be Dora.  The backpack actually doubled as a diaper holder for the evening which worked great.

Anyway, how I made the costume:

From Walmart, I bought 2 blue fleece sleepers (8$ each).  I used one for the body, and one to cut up for the head piece and tail.  I hand stitched a yellow oval onto the body for the tummy, then made a simple head piece (by hand), attached the ears and ‘hair’ (which was stuffed with cotton batten).  The tail was as well stuffed with cotton batten and attached to the back.  I tried dying her rubber boots ( which failed because they wouldn’t dry), but ended up covering them in red socks.  The socks stuck to the tacky paint and worked great.

The whole thing took no time at all and turned out really cute!