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DIY Mail Order Bride Halloween Costume

I wanted to make my own costume because I think it is more unique and way cheaper to do it that way since costumes are very expensive now. I am also not for the revealing costumes and I wanted mine to be funny and like nothing I had seen before. I browsed the internet probably everyday and for about a month looking for ideas but could never think of anything that hadn’t been done or that wouldn’t take a lot of money to make.

Literally two days before Halloween I was browsing the internet again looking for costume ideas and randomly “mail-order bride” popped in my head and I instantly thought of how I was going to make it. I got all my materials from school so it didn’t cost me anything to make my costume. Here is how I made it: I cut the top and bottom off of a cardboard box, then taped “poster” paper around the whole thing. I then printed off “FedEx” labels and taped them all over the box and printed out a postage stamp and mailing label to look like a FedEx package.

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