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Coolest Mail Order Bride Costume

I needed something quick and easy, and something that I could still do my job at work in. I started looking around the house for things I could make a costume with when I spied the tape that I use to send packages with. I then came up with this mail order bride costume idea that involved very little expense.

I bought some lace material, pearl strings, cheap plastic flowers, and a costume shop brides veil. I wore a white blouse underneath, and topped it all with the priority mail tape that I already had. I bent the flowers so they would look like a wilted bouquet, but forgot to hold them while being photographed.

I was a hit at work.

It was interesting and fun to see who could figure this one out. My co-workers and customers were making comments about my costume for about a month afterward.

They also wanted to know if I had found a husband yet. LOL.

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  1. What a great idea! I am doing this for this coming Halloween. I purchased a wedding dress at a thrift store for $25! Looking around for some accessories really paid off.


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