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DIY Angler Fish Costume for a Future Marine Biologist

My son’s birthday is on Halloween, therefore he is very passionate about that holiday. He loves ocean creature and his favorite is Johnson’s angler fish, so that is what he wanted to be on Halloween.

I am not a very creative person, but figured I will take on the challenge and create it for him. I used lots and lots of cardboard boxes, puck lights for eyes with yogurt containers over it to make the eyes pop, and string lights for the spine glow. I had to secure it on the bike helmet for him to wear.

It was a huge success! He loved it! He won a local costume contest , which made him even more exited about the costume and at night when we went to trick o treat in the neighborhood people were at awe. He got so many compliments ! Which made him even happier than the candies he got :)

Angler Fish costume for a future marine biologist :)

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