Dancing Minions Homemade Couple Halloween Costumes

Started these costumes because I wanted something that kids would not be afraid of……the response to the costumes was so incredible, I could not believe it!

started with 4 camping mats for the body, helmets to hold everything secure, yellow felt and light jean material…..sooo simple, but impressive…

had a few issues, ones being my husbands original “fitting” was not quite right, so when he went to bend the first time, his head separated from the body and you could see his butt!  Thank goodness he had britches on!  Fixed that witch stronger Velcro to secure head and body!

Response was great!   because we could see out but they couldn’t see in, we had some little ones kissing our eyes!  It was so adorable – we did not expect that.   We decided to dance to disco for the kids as they came up to trick or treat – they loved it and many danced with us.  The spinning lights were a hit too!  Had kids yelling beedoo beedoo when they were on!

Just a lot of fun!  Great night with a ton of requests for pics….love love love our neighborhood and the reactions from these simple costumes!

Dancing Minions Homemade Couple Halloween Costumes