My dog appropriately named Tank is a Shar Pei, Pug, Beagle mix.  I wanted to make a costume that played up his wriggly face and his cool coloring.  I decided on a Lion costume but couldn’t find any patterns or costumes I liked.

So, started a mission to make it from scratch.  Spent hours at the fabric store deciding on fabric, ending up with a white fur, beige fleece, and fur-type yarn.  Measured my dog, Tank, and created a pattern using tissue paper.  I cut out the body of the costume in beige fleece and glued the fur-yarn around the edges and on top. I placed Velcro strips on the bottom of the bell and around the neck.  Then sewed a tail in white fur on the body.  He was so excited to have a tail!!

I then created the Lion mane by making layers of alternating fabrics cut in strips, and glued on the fur-yarn.  After completing the mane, I carefully glued it to the body.  And it is complete!  Tank will be the cutest lion in the upcoming benefit race/party for our local Dog shelter!