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Cute “Ride the Rails” Adult Train Costume

Around Halloween lots of cute costumes started popping up on Pinterst and I found the cutest train costume ever, but there was one problem…it was for a 5 year old boy. The first thing I did in adapting the costume to fit my 5’5 frame was to take a look at how the costume was created in the first place, even though it was for a kid. I then gathered up the correct boxes, making several trips to Michael’s Crafts along the way for black duck  tape, a round hat box, some rope, and different colors of construction paper. The rest of the materials I was lucky enough to find in our mail room and kitchen at work.

I’ve never made my own costume before and it was so self-satisfying to put it on when it was finally finished. I couldn’t have asked for a better costume. The best part was that my boyfriend was my conductor for the evening which included helping me maneuver my way on Chicago public transit to our party destination, as well as fitting myself in several cabs along the way.

My favorite part of the evening was throwing out train puns all night long like “sorry I must have lost my train of thought,” etc.




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