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Cute Poseidon and his Mermaid Couple Costume

My boyfriend and I met on the Disney College Program so we wanted to be something Disney related but nothing too cheesy. The bra top was made by just buying a cheap bra from Ross ($3.99) and some shells, beads and glitter from Jo Ann’s (About $10). I lined the bra with glitter and then tacky glued shells and beads. I found a starfish to put on the center at Jo Ann’s as well.

The skirt was made by just getting the green sparkly fabric and I tucked it into a high waisted skirt. Super easy to make and looked really cute! The toga was just made by getting an old sheet and tying and twisting it together with a gold rope. The trident was made by spray painting a devils pitchfork with gold! I found one at a costume store for only $3! People loved our costumes and it was all homemade!

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