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Cute Glow Worm Costume

This Glow Worm costume came about due to one simple fact: I needed to own a Green Man Suit (aka morphsuit) but I needed a reason.

A friend suggested being a Glow Worm- I instantly thought of the doll I had as a kid, and ran with the idea. I made the long hat from a matching fleece with fabric glue (I cannot sew). Then glued on stars I made from light green and yellow felt and glitter glue. The larger star has a battery powered string of Christmas lights in it for a festive touch (the battery pack hides in the end of the hat).

Unfortunately this picture doesn’t show it, but I put a tap light down my back-end for some fun, and decorated my eyes with green face paint (diamond fx). I also put on extra blush to mimic the doll’s rosy cheeks.

I had a blast wearing it! The morphsuit is comfortable (and you don’t need to wear the hood up for this! bonus) and people seemed to love it. Reminded them of the doll they had! And, everyone was helpful in keeping my butt lit up!

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