Crowd-Pleasing DIY Halloween Muppets Group Costume

Unleashing our creativity each year for Halloween brings excitement into our household for the entire month—sometimes more, depending on the elaborateness of the costumes. This year, we aimed to capture the classic Muppets look for each character while preserving some of our human features.

Vision Through Tiny Peepholes

For all but one character, this meant crafting eyes, eyebrows, and glasses that left us all visually impaired as we navigated the neighborhood. Each piece had to be meticulously positioned on eyeglass frames (thank you, Dollar Tree) so we could see through the tiny peepholes cut out with an X-Acto knife. Janice of the Electric Mayhem, unfazed by her over-the-top eyelashes, led us as our fearless leader, ensuring we didn’t stumble over any branches or curbs.

Creating a Life-Size Kermit

The most time-consuming aspect of the costumes was crafting a life-size Kermit the Frog, who rode piggyback on the group’s diva, the one and only Miss Piggy. Truth be told, the “piggyback” pun didn’t dawn on me until the costume was halfway assembled.

Engineering the Balconies

The balconies also demanded some engineering ingenuity. We employed towel-wrapped hula hoops, cut in half, then assembled with PVC pipes. These were covered in fabric and embellished with gold-leaf cardstock.

Bringing Crafted Food to Life

The Swedish chef’s tray of seasonal produce, the fate of which was still uncertain, added a final touch of authenticity. We crafted the apples by covering Styrofoam balls with fleece, and the pumpkin by wrapping a wad of Poly-fil in fleece, then securing it with fishing line to achieve the classic segmented appearance.

Spreading Joy, not Just Candy

When all was said and done, the kids didn’t much care about gathering candy. We were all simply delighted to bring joy to the neighborhood, witness the smiles on people’s faces, and hear their laughter as we unveiled our costumes. And after the month-long effort that went into this year’s getups, we thoroughly enjoyed the paparazzi attention we received.

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