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Creating an Adorable Halloween Baby Costume: The Journey of Grandma Sofie

Last year, my daughter, Sofie, was new to this world, and her first Halloween was approaching. I wanted to make it special and looked online for the cutest costume. I then stumbled upon the idea for the baby grandma costume while perusing the web. I instantly fell in love with the idea and wanted to bring it to life.

Alas, new motherhood was too overwhelming, and I couldn’t do it.

Embarking on the Grandma Sofie Costume Adventure

So, I set out to make it happen this year, but as it turns out, the second year of motherhood isn’t much better. I was determined to make it happen though and reached out to my wonderful family around me for help.

My brother gladly went to Lowe’s, bought PVC pipe and gray foam noodles ($35), and made the walker. My two-year-old niece provided the pearl necklace and glasses. I grabbed a scarf from my closet and used clothes that my daughter already had. All that was left was the wig.

The Wig Challenge: A Test of Patience and Determination

I looked online for one but couldn’t find a baby-sized wig. So, I reached out to local online mom groups to see if someone had one from a previous year. I received many responses saying they didn’t have one, but it was easy to make with just cotton balls and a glue gun.

With no other option, I pep-talked myself up, went out, and got the glue gun and cotton balls ($15). I soon found out that those moms were very wrong. It took well over an hour to glue on 180 cotton balls (yes, 180!) with several burnt fingers in the process. It was more than I bargained for, but it was done! Or so I thought…

I tried to put the hat on my daughter, but it wouldn’t fit. It had lost its elasticity with all the glue, even though I tried to stretch it out while making it. In desperation, I took a pair of scissors and snipped the sides and back of it. With quite a bit of maneuvering and an unhappy daughter, the wig fit!

Halloween Delight: Spreading Joy and Celebrating Family

I then assembled the rest of her outfit and gave her the walker. She was just as cute as could be! She loved her walker too! She went around everywhere with it.

Despite not being crafty, despite having very little time and energy, and despite wanting to give up when the wig didn’t fit, it all came together in the end, and I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who helped put it together.

Grandma, Grandpa (the real ones), myself, and Grandma Sofie went around to many community events, and seeing everyone’s smiles and joyous comments made it all worthwhile. I’m beyond grateful that we could bring joy to others this Halloween season while also having fun ourselves. Grandma Sofie adored all the attention and free candy.

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