Coolest Zombie DIY Halloween Costume

First, I bought an old white shirt, tie, suit coat and pants from the local thrift store. I tore holes in the pants and shredded the coat and tie to make it look old. Then I hot glued fake spiders and fishing worms to the suit coat. I also hot glued moss and leaves to the suit coat. This was done to both the front and the back. I took gauze with fake blood on it and glued it to the inside of the suit coat and pants and let it hang out. I even rubbed the coat in dirt!

Next, I painted my son’s hair black with colored hairspray and made his hair look messy. I applied a fake tattoo of a scar to his forehead and cheek. Then, I made up his face with white Halloween makeup and brown eyeshadow to make him look dirty.

The whole Zombie Halloween costume cost less than $10. He received lots of compliments on his costume!

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