Coolest Zipper Face Costume

I decided to gore my boyfriend up this Halloween!

The inspiration for the idea came up when I was watching Halloween makeup tutorials and came across some featuring a zipped eye. I decided to take it further and create a Zipper Face!

I bought a zip from a fabric store, 20 inch beige zip. I trimmed off the sides. Using liquid latex I glued the zip to the face, I dried the layer of latex, powdered it and continued. I layered the latex about 6 or 7 times to ensure that it stayed on and also because it gave that floppy skin effect.

One the zip was secure, I blended the edges using concealer and foundation. I then filled in the “gore” area using stage blood, blood jam and tissue soaked in stage blood to give it more texture!

Coolest Zipper Face Costume

Coolest Zipper Face Costume

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