Coolest Yellow Submarine Costume

8 Year old Caroline wanted to be something Beatles oriented. The decision was made to be ‘The Beatles Yellow Submarine’. It took me about 3 days to construct. Starting with a Microwave Box and a concrete tube form for setting posts. I flattened the end of the back one to facilitate a rudder position and put a play ball onto the front one to round the nose.

The front of the box has two foam balls on the sides with heavy paper to add to the contours. Then I used duct tape to join everything and create the contours. Everything is covered with 1 layer of batting and felt or fleece fabric.

The periscopes are made from swimming pool noodles, cut, angled and covered in fabric as well. It weighs close to 3/4 of my daughter’s weight so I put in a padded load bearing belt support that rides on her hips and padded shoulder straps to even it out.

About every other house tonight had to take a picture of the Homemade Yellow Submarine Costume.

Homemade Yellow Submarine Costume

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