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Coolest Homemade Yellow Submarine Costume

This Yellow Submarine costume took me nine hours to make but it was definitely worth it.

I constructed the whole thing out of cardboard and taped the periscopes to the hat. I used one of the portholes on each side for my arms to stick through, and placed pictures of the Beatles in the others (two on each side). It was very difficult to mold the cardboard but, after wrestling with it and with the help of packing tape, I was able to form the shape.

I drew the designs freehand with markers and used yellow and white paper to cover it. On the back I wrote the Beatles logo in black marker, but you can’t see it in the picture.

To finish it off I wore yellow tights and put a picture of Jeremy the Nowhere Man in the top porthole. I was very pleased with this costume as I had never made anything like this before.

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