Cool Homemade Wizard of Oz Group Costume

My friends and I decided on a Wizard of Oz group costume for our last day of Sixth form, which is traditionally fancy dress. I am Dorothy in the middle!

I originally started the costume from a Simplicity sewing pattern, but the sizing was all wrong and I ended up making it without the pattern and changing the sleeves and collar. I bought a ‘glamor’ wig and put it into pig tails as I have short hair so couldn’t do it with my own! The basket was from a car boot sale, and I’ve had the Toto toy for years.

The shoes (although you can’t see them in this picture) were plain black leather, and I covered them in PVA glue and a few coats of red glitter. A lot of it did come off during the day, but the main part of the shoe was still OK! If anyone else did this I would recommend coating the shoes in some kind of varnish afterwards, I didn’t have time in the end.